BSV Final

Resthaven pen pal program

Resthaven Malvern residents exchange gifts and letters with Thailand elderly womens home near Bangkok

Since 2014, residents from Resthaven Malvern in South Australia, and Baan Sudthavas (BSV) บ้านสุทธาวาส เฉลิมพระเกียรติฯ – นครนายก in Thailand have been exchanging letters, photographs and gifts, revitalising the art of letter writing, and fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

This unique story was created and filmed through the eyes of the four key participants from Malvern and also features letters and gifts from the Thai women back to the Malvern residents. A really moving story about ageing, loss and discovery.

This video is part of my larger portfolio with Resthaven. We have worked together since 2011.

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