SAWIA Industry Partnership

jbcdv teams with SAWIA as Industry Partner

in 2024, jbcdv has become an Industry Partner with SAWIA and we are looking forward to providing our niche services to the wider SAWIA Membership.

jbcdv has worked with SAWIA on many innovative projects for over 14 years. We have also developed close relationships with both individual wineries and regional associations and have helped shaped many regional projects that have promoted the wine industry including better environmental practices and keeping people safe.

We have also developed and maintain the National Wine Education Training Centre website on behalf of SAWIA to promote wine education.

Making a real difference

We don’t focus so much on the insta side of the industry. We’re more interested in telling the unique stories of producers and innovators who care deeply about what they do and the impact on both the future of the industry and the planet.

In partnership with SAWIA, we have developed a series of industry wide safety courses that are helping keep your people safe, from the smallest operation to massive winery operations across South Australia. Through our online training platform, we can help any business roll out safety or training information quickly and affordably that will make an impact.

SAWIA Gala Dinner 2023

What we can offer SAWIA Members

As part of our offering to SAWIA Members we offer the following services to help you become the best versions of yourself:

  • Creating affordable and flexible online training courses to help develop your people using video and slide based options that can be developed over your journey.
  • Video production to promote your offerings with drone and photography. This includes documentary or promotional content a to tell your own unique stories that promote your brand.
  • Website creation and maintenance of online content for both wine regions and individual stakeholders.
  • Event AV management, conference or event filming and consultancy. In 2023, we helped produce the SAWIA Inaugural Gala Dinner.

Helping you grow

We care about the people in this amazing industry and understand the challenges they face everyday in a volatile market and at the mercy of wine fashions and the weather.

Over our journey in this industry, we have developed enduring relationships with people in small and large operations. As a small business we look to deliver great value and create outcomes that will help you grow.

We have enjoyed every minute of our time with our clients and friends in the Wine Industry. We love to hear what people are up to and look forward to helping more of the SAWIA members as they move forward into the future.

Get in touch. Let’s catch up for coffee and talk about the possibilities.


Images from Wine Projects

Videos produced with Wine Industry Stakeholders