affordable interactive online training

Need to deliver training to your people around the clock? We have you covered with our online training platforms which are affordable and flexible. Our platforms are helping businesses train new inductees and develop the hospitality legends of the future using our affordable interactive online training.

interactive online training

affordable interactive online training

Every business or training organisation understands training is important. But what happens when you can’t get the right people to deliver the training or not everyone who needs training is available in person or in a remote location. We can help solve this forever.

If you are delivering training and not measuring the understanding of that training, you need to ask yourself:

  • How do you know they really understand the message in the content?
  • How do you prove they actually watched the content and completed the course?
  • What are the legal ramifications in not training people correctly in key safety issues?

keeping your people safe at work

Our flexible and affordable interactive online training programs are used everyday to help train apprentices and trainees across South Australia understand the basics of workplace safety in a wide variety of trade vocations. 

Our online platforms are used for apprentice training, in the wine industry and hospitality sectors and leverage our video production tools to highlight best practice.

Here are the benefits of our custom built online system:

  • we use great online tools including Rise, LearnDash and more.
  • branded to your style
  • suitable for simple or complex inductions or training
  • you can have a powerpoint course turned into a fully interactive experience!
  • hosted and supported learning management systems which saves you the hassle and big cost.
  • interactive programs feature all types of testing such as multiple choice, drag and drop and many others
  • questions are tracked for results and stored in a database where the client and participant are emailed the results providing proof of completion.
  • and, there is no need to sign up to an expensive lock in contract.

Call us today and find out how you can  improve your productivity, safety and compliance.